Make Freebies a Reality.

Freebies BoxWhile surfing the ol’ interweb, I came across a very cool new cereal called Freebies.  It’s got everything a cereal should have – cute characters, exciting boxart, free toys.  Only thing is, it’s not actually on store shelves…yet. 

But, you can change that.

Freebies is a cereal that, as its website proudly proclaims, “harkens back to the glory days of the children’s breakfast cereal when colorful and quirky characters were common in supermarket aisles.”  Created by Bob Staake, Freebies features six characters, each representing a cereal trait.  There’s Loopy, Crunchy, Frosty, Honey, Puffy, and Flaky – all of whom are pictured on the sacchrine sweet box.

But, on to the heart of the matter.  You see, Freebies, while an amazing concept, isn’t actually a reality yet.  Staake hopes to, through the Freebies website, generate enough buzz to get his creation out into the public.  By visiting his website and voting in Freebie polls, you could very well be helping to shape cereal history. 

Freebies Cereal

Freebies Poll


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  1. krupatel24 said

    Thanks for sharing that, i may well try and get a box! As a Thank you – I want to give you one as well. Its a giveaway to see the new Super Contemporary exhibition at the London Design Museum, a must see –

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