Death Threats, Result of Cereal Jingle.

A 15 year old boy named Sven who’s been appearing in television spots in the UK for Frosted Flakes (or Frosties as they’re known across the pond), has been receiving death threats because of the advertising.  The jingle, which is a bit repetitive, seems to have rubbed a few viewers the wrong way.  After the commercial began airing, messages like these started populating the internet:

‘He’s a revolting despicable child – he deserves to die.’

To top it all off, rumors also began to circulate in which it was said that Sven had committed suicide.  Sven debunks this rumors by stating, “I’m not going to go out and commit suicide because of things people are saying.”

Teenage advert star victim of online death threats

SlashFood (Features actual commercial)



  1. abenz said

    I’m fond of sven and his brainwashing ways. I haven’t actually seen this commercial but his spikey hair and creepy facial expression alone won me over. Anything associated with frosted flakes can’t be that bad otherwise, Tony would be lying to us.

  2. amandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa said

    I’d tap that.

  3. abenz said

    you’d tap sven? you child molestor

  4. amandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa said

    I like the young ones.

  5. abenz said

    do we have a new suspect in the jon bennet case?

  6. amandaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa said

    I’m more a fan of little boys not little girls. This went way too far and this and the last 4 comments need to be deleted.

  7. sickr said

    I’ve got to admit I’m not a fan of these rather annoying adverts, but the fact that this kid is getting death threats is seriously ludecrous.


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