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Is Your Food Fooling You?

Through media and other outlets we’ve all learned that checking the nutrition labels on the back of food boxes is incredibly important.  According to a news article published by, everything is not as it seems.  Though the article focuses on a few different types of food, what I think is the most important deals with cereal:

Whole grains. Thanks to new federal rules, schools are required to serve healthier food and drinks in vending machines starting this month, and many are switching to whole-grain products. This, theoretically, is good because whole grains are processed less and retain more nutrients and vitamins.

But when it comes to products such as whole-grain Double Chocolate Cookie Crisp cereal, don’t be fooled. The claim means 51 percent of the flour is made from a whole-grain source, but the rest of the flour can come from refined grains. And it often does.

I know that in this health-conscious nation, I should care about the nutritional value of my cereal.  That said, I couldn’t care less.  Give me a big bowl of sugar laden, artificially colored and flavored Froot Loops and leave me be.

 Labels don’t always tell 100% of the story


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