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Franken Berry Commerical!

So, I posted about how it’s possible to find Boo Berry on store shelves, and then I felt pretty bad because I didn’t do anything for poor Franken Berry (whose cereal you can also find on store shelves).  In an attempt to make it up to him, I’m posting this very cool commercial I found on YouTube.  It’s old, though it’s not easy to pinpoint exactly how old.  Suffice it to say that the cartoon kids in the television spot are probably close to 30 right now and currently caring for their own cartoon family.

Count Chocula also appears in this spot, so I’ve got all my Monster Cereal Characters covered.  Well except for Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy.  Dammit, now I’m going to have to do another post for the two of them.  Argh.

Franken Berry commercial


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