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Fruity Cheerios Steals Froot Loops’ Thunder?

By now we’ve all seen the commercials featuring children floating in a bowl of the newly introduced Fruity Cheerios, as the song, Happiness Runs, plays on in the background.  One has to wonder, though, if this is General Mills’ attempt to lure a few of Toucan Sam’s fans away from the Froot Loop brand.  The featured article contains a review of the new Fruity Cheerios, as well as compares it with Froot Loops, Reduced Sugar Froot Loops, and Fruity Pebbles.  Check it out.

On a personal note, while I love Froot Loops and have yet to try Fruity Cheerios, I’ve always been a Fruity Pebbles man myself.  I was a bit disappointed to read in the article that, in a taste test, the pebbles ranked last.  Bah!

Fruity Cheerios edges out that ‘other box’


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