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Nature’s Path Churns Out Hot Cereal.

Nature’s Path, a company operating out of Canada, will now be providing the UK with four different flavors of organic hot cereal.  The new products include Maple Hazelnut, Blueberry & Flax, Apple & Cinnamon and Flax & Oats.  The new items will initially only be found in independent health food stores.  A box of six packets will retail for £2.99.  Press release below.

Nature’s Path Press Release


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Make Freebies a Reality.

Freebies BoxWhile surfing the ol’ interweb, I came across a very cool new cereal called Freebies.  It’s got everything a cereal should have – cute characters, exciting boxart, free toys.  Only thing is, it’s not actually on store shelves…yet. 

But, you can change that.

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A New Krispie is Born!

Rice Krispies has been in a mainstay in the cereal industry for ages, one of the few that isBerry Krispies Box guaranteed to be here in 100 years.  You think about cereal, you think about Corn Flakes first, then Rice Krispies.  Kellogg’s, in an attempt to lure in the berry loving audience, has decided to introduce a new flavor to the Rice Krispie family… 

I’m not going to review them myself, mostly because I’m lazy, but also because I have no Berry Krispies on hand.  That’s unfortunate (or fortunate depending on who you’re asking).  Check out the compliation (or two) of reviews below:



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