Cereal Growers In Britain, Most Efficient.

…in Europe, that is, according the latest Harvest Survey by the National Farmers Union.  The praise comes on the heels of a difficult season, the result of a late cold spring, wet early summer and a drought in July that affected northern France, Austria, and the Baltic and Scandanavian countries.

Cereal growers are top of the crops


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Is Your Food Fooling You?

Through media and other outlets we’ve all learned that checking the nutrition labels on the back of food boxes is incredibly important.  According to a news article published by TimesLeader.com, everything is not as it seems.  Though the article focuses on a few different types of food, what I think is the most important deals with cereal:

Whole grains. Thanks to new federal rules, schools are required to serve healthier food and drinks in vending machines starting this month, and many are switching to whole-grain products. This, theoretically, is good because whole grains are processed less and retain more nutrients and vitamins.

But when it comes to products such as whole-grain Double Chocolate Cookie Crisp cereal, don’t be fooled. The claim means 51 percent of the flour is made from a whole-grain source, but the rest of the flour can come from refined grains. And it often does.

I know that in this health-conscious nation, I should care about the nutritional value of my cereal.  That said, I couldn’t care less.  Give me a big bowl of sugar laden, artificially colored and flavored Froot Loops and leave me be.

 Labels don’t always tell 100% of the story

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Franken Berry Commerical!

So, I posted about how it’s possible to find Boo Berry on store shelves, and then I felt pretty bad because I didn’t do anything for poor Franken Berry (whose cereal you can also find on store shelves).  In an attempt to make it up to him, I’m posting this very cool commercial I found on YouTube.  It’s old, though it’s not easy to pinpoint exactly how old.  Suffice it to say that the cartoon kids in the television spot are probably close to 30 right now and currently caring for their own cartoon family.

Count Chocula also appears in this spot, so I’ve got all my Monster Cereal Characters covered.  Well except for Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy.  Dammit, now I’m going to have to do another post for the two of them.  Argh.

Franken Berry commercial

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He’s baaaaack!

During the Halloween season there are a few things you can count on seeing – pumpkins, costumed kids, cars covered in shaving cream – good times.  But unfortunately, Boo Berry Cereal is not something you’re guaranteed to see.  Sure, General Mills re-releases it every year during the Halloween season to capitalize on the rampant nostalgia, but its often difficult to find.  Not so this year, with reports coming in that Boo Berry has been spotted in Wal-Mart, Target, Costco, Sam’s Club, and Eckerd.  And that my friends, is a good thing.

Head on over to I-Mockery to check out the new boxart and design for our old pal, Boo Berry.  Me like.

Boo Berry is back!

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General Mills Won’t Market Sugary Products to Kids.

General Mills, one of America’s most prominent advertisers, was praised by a family watchdog group for its advertising tactics.  The company, which was criticized for promoting unhealthy snacks towards children, has been following strict guidelines for advertising (and nutritional values) which state:

“No General Mills product containing more than 175 calories per serving may be advertised to children 12 or younger.” Furthermore, every product also must be considered “healthy” or provide an important childhood nutrient, as measured by government guidelines.

So while GM has the Trix Rabbit in its arsenal of advertising cartoons, it’ll be using the bunny to hock more responsible food choices.  Good on them.

Consumer group praises General Mills

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Cereal Causes Diabetes in Babies?

According to a new study done by two teams of researchers, baby’s at risk for diabetes who were fed fiber or rice cereals before the recommended age of 4 to 6 months were four to five times more likely to develop an autoimmune response that destroys islet cells in the pancreas.  The destruction of these cells is what’s believed to lead to Type I diabetes.

Feeding cereal too soon raises diabetes risk in children

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New Cereal Plant to Open in 2007.

Sterling Savely, the chairman of California Cereal Products Inc, announced last Thursday that his company would be opening a new plant in Macon, GA.  The new plant would reside in the former Keebler bakery, which Keebler had announced it was shutting down in March 2005.  Savely cites the need to export the cereal goods to Europe and Israel as one of the primary reasons for opening up the new plant. 

Cereal company plans to open by March 2007

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